Mother. Mom. GG. Donna.

to my mother on mothers day. 

Today they call the "difficult children" spirited. Spirited children are the ones who push back, test the waters and jump when their parents say stay. They're intense. They're determined, and they're passionate.

You can usually spot the "spirited children" a mile away by the way people describe them. Common phrases include "hard to control," hard-headed, stubborn, difficult and demanding. These are the kids who talk back. They fight authority and never grasped the concept of "No".

In 1982, after several miscarriages, and eight years between baby 1 and baby 2, you were blessed with a spirited child of your very own. You named her Amber because she was your precious Jewel.

To some, Amber would have been seen as difficult, stubborn and demanding but not to you. To you she was perfect. Even today when you describe her, you use words like beautiful, intelligent, determined, destined, and with purpose.

It takes an angel to raise a spirited child because they're not easy. Trust me; I have one of my own. But if you do it right; like you did, one day all you'll have to do is sit back and watch them soar.

Happy Mother's Day, Donna M Turner.

I love you always and forever for finding perfection in me.