36 Never Looked So Good

My heart skipped a beat the moment we met.

I was 20, and you were 22. There was ASU. The Language and Literature building. A frat party flyer and just me and you.

"I thought you were perfect"

I thought you were perfect - good looking, kind, gentle, funny, brilliant, confident, caring and genuine. You told me I could call you Kai and so I did.

In a world designed never to feel like you have "enough," I wake up every day #grateful for you.

You have given me more than I ever dreamed of; more than I knew was possible, of a husband, best friend, and father. 

"You are the perfect verse over a tight beat."

- Taye Diggs, Brown Sugar

I will love you always for the man you were then, the man you are today and the amazing man you'll teach our son to be. I love you more today than I did yesterday and I always will.

Happy Birthday, Kai-Saun Tskei Anderson