Amber Anderson (dot) Me

My son is who some would call a spirited child. He is driven, passionate, loving, stubborn, super intelligent, dedicated, tender-hearted, a light sleeper, and a little bossy.

He knows what he wants and expects to get it, whatever "it" is, exactly how he asked for it, preferably as quickly as possible. He has high expectations, of himself and others. 

At two years old, he knows no fear. To Kayson, there are no boundaries, only opportunities, and even though the world is much bigger than he is, he lives life to the fullest. From the time he wakes up in the morning to the time he goes to bed, he is on: touching everything, seeing everything, discussing everything, and being everywhere. He gives 150%.

Kayson doesn't know anything about racism, sexism, Instagram followers, the Kardashians, or limitations. Decisions are made easily by how things make him feel. Happy face means good! Sad face means bad! And, when things are really bad, he cries.

He loves dancing, guacamole, french fries, sports, Michael Jackson, Thomas the Train, and the movie Cars. He'll jump off the bed and the couch and the chair and the table if you let him, because he relishes the feeling of accomplishment. When you try to correct him, he will look you straight in the eyes, smile, say he's sorry, and then do it again. And, just as you begin to think you can't possibly take any more, he'll say something cute and give you a kiss.                                                      

When my mother looks at Kayson, she sees a spitting image of me. Not only because he has my eyes, but because he has my heart. Driven, passionate, loving, stubborn, super intelligent, dedicated, tender-hearted, a light sleeper, and a little bossy are characteristics used to describe my son, and they are characteristics commonly used to describe me.

Kayson and I are passionate people—always striving to be better. Our nature is to give first and think later, and when we love, we love hard. The first thing people notice about us, if it is not our laugh, is our size. He was born premature, weighing in at 3 lbs 11 oz and is in the 10% range of his peers. And me, I'm just petite. We both love food, chips, sweets, and an amazing man named Kai-Saun—who I call Kai and Kayson calls daddy.


Kai is a professional photographer and the glue in our family—he's silly, funny, kind, genuine, creative, charismatic, and loving. His calm & methodical demeanor complements Kayson & my fast-paced lifestyle nicely, making him the perfect yin to our yang.

Those two are my family—the center of my being and the "why" behind everything that makes up Amber Anderson (dot) me.

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