52 Peeps

Majority of us operate in auto pilot. We get up, get the kids ready, head into work, come home, make dinner, eat dinner, take a bath and watch some TV. We help with homework, make sure the kids shower and then quickly put them to bed. If we're lucky we may get in a hug/kiss here or there and a good, meaningful conversation with our spouse. Life in the 21st century, despite all of it's perks, endless opportunities and technology, for parents is exhausting. For most of us, getting everything in with 24 hours a day seems impossible. That's just life, right? 

Well, yes. It is life. But it's not just anyone's life. It's our life. Their our kids and it's our family. And if you stop long enough, or are forced out of auto pilot by unfortunate/tragic events, you'll see there's a glitch in the matrix. 

Kayson's premature birth forced Kai out of auto pilot. At the time, I was laser focused on proving I could have it all. I could be a career woman and a wife. A mother and an executive. A tech leader and a soccer mom. I was die hard, strong, smart, driven. Destined and determined to be "something". Then it hit me. 


But for those of us who have been forced out of auto pilot, either intentionally or unintentionally, life looks different. The things that use to matter, new cars, the perfect hair, clothes, selfies, tweets and nights out, are no longer important. When Kai and I had Kayson we spent 4 1/2 months in the house before we took him out. We turned off most of our electronics and we readjusted our entire being. When most people were out showing off their babies we were in the house soaking in him and each other. We tried before we had him to appreciate the moment. To LEAN IN to life, but at the time there were so many other things going on that getting off of our routine was hard to do. And now that he's here, we find it even harder to stay focused and live in the moment. 

While looking for some new blogs I stumbled across a site called fifty coffees written by, xxxx. She had just quite 


52 Peeps is a year long blog series about finding an answer to work life balance. Kai and I will be interviewing with 52 people for one year and gathering their experiences, lessons and advice on finding true life balance. We'll be interviewing woman, men, mommies, daddies and kids and blogging about it here. 


Purpose:  52 Peeps is a collaboration between Amber Anderson and Kai-Saun Photography aimed at finding a solution for the dreaded work/life balance debate. As part of the effort, Amber, Kai-Saun and their son Kai-Saun will meet with 52 people of all races, ages and culture to get their take on having a better work/life balance.