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Amber Anderson is the founder and CEO of Kayson where she specializes in business strategy, product management and service development. From ideation to creation and everything in between, Amber brings more than ten years’ experience in scaling organizations and managing all areas of the product/service lifecycle.

With experience working with businesses ranging from startups to Fortune 500 organizations across a variety of sectors, she has developed expertise in software as a service (SaaS), business process management, eLearning, user experience and design, new product development, mobile and the Internet of Things ( IoT).

Prior to forming Kayson Amber served as co-founder of Startervine, a services and product development firm, and as managing director and principal technical product manager at Nous Associates, a leading product and business analysis consulting firm. She also served as director of technical product management at Education 2020 where she led the organization’s first technical product team and new product launch. Prior to that role, she oversaw all technology services (IT and engineering) for Apollo Group’s Global subsidiaries.

Amber's experience make her perfect to speak on a variety of topics. Her favorite areas include women in the workforce, diversity in technology, products and service management the and intersection of work, life and family. 

She has held sessions on a variety of subjects and can build a talk specific to your organization's needs. You can find a list of her most popular sessions below.

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Fixing the diversity issue in tech. 

From Google to the White House, millions of dollars are being poured into bringing more diversity into technical fields, including a focus on minority recruitment in early STEM education. It certainly looks like change is on the horizon, but are we missing something?

During this talk, Amber exposes some holes in the current movement and a set of solutions for how to fill them before it is too late. 


code does not sell products (period). 

Product management, design and marketing in product teams.

Coding is important, no doubt, but let's not get it twisted. Consumers do not purchase products because they love the backend architecture. They buy a product because it meets their needs, serves some purpose or inspires them — all of which are deliverables identified, created and managed by the "non-technical" members of the product team.

In this talk, Amber helps educate technical team members on the value of their non-technical counterparts, explaining their various roles and responsibilities and the benefits they each bring to a product team.



The role of strategy, planning & analysis in REAL tech projects. 

In tech projects, more than 95% of the strategic decisions are made before a developer ever writes a line of code.

Ideal for business owners looking to start, work with or invest in a technical product, this talk highlights the role strategy plays in technical projects, gives attendees an overview of the product (and service) development process, points out key decision-making milestones and explains the consequences of jumping in code first. 



Building businesses, products and services. 

Have an idea you’d love to make a reality? In this interactive session, Amber will take participants through the steps needed to turn their great idea into a profitable reality. 

Participants will go through a hands-on strategic planning session where they will take one idea (product or service) and build an executable plan around it. 

Using well-known methods — and a few new ones too — participants will leave with the tools needed to build a roadmap for their new venture.



How to get the most out of your product team

This session provides an overview of the ins and outs of how a real-life product team — from product managers to support — functions.

By walking through the various stages of the product lifecycle, Amber will provide participants with an understanding of how products are formed, the roles and responsibilities of each member, guidance on how to identify where you fit in and direction on how to succeed in your role. 

When Work meets life.

How the work environment is changing to meet the needs of modern families. 

There's work, and then there's life. Both require your attention, and both seem to require an awful lot of time. During this discussion, Amber will take participants through the history of women in the workforce, the challenges that arise as we transition from workers to working mothers and the changes that are being implemented to help ease that transition. 

Working Mothers - Can Women Have It All? 

A discussion about Women and our ability to have it all - family, career, businesses and everything in between. 

During this interactive session, Amber will lead participants through a conversation about "having it all". This frank talk will start with a simple question, "Can Women Have It All - a husband, career, family, children and company(s)?"

We'll start with a brief history of women in the workforce, discuss some of the challenges women face during their transition to motherhood and then end with suggestions on how each participant can find that perfect balance for themselves. 

Depending on the audience (size and demographics), the session can be offered as a panel or just with Amber as the main facilitator. 



From idea to reality.

Building products & services.

Have an idea you’d love to jump on? In this interactive session, Amber will take participants through the steps needed to turn their great idea into a profitable reality. 

Participants will be taken through  a hands-on strategic planning session where they will take one of their ideas (product or service) and build an executable plan around it. 

Using well-known methods and new ones, participants will leave with the framework in place for their new venture and a personalized roadmap.


The map to Utopia.

Building a roadmap to your very own happy place.


We’ve all heard it a million times - “Own your destiny.” “Just do it!” “Keep going.” “Live with purpose.” “Find some work/life balance.” “Lean In.”

But knowing and doing are two different things. In this interactive session, Amber will lead the group through a strategic planning workshop where each participant will identify, define and layout a path to their Utopia


Putting a value on AUTHENTICITY.

What YOU bring to a business. 

Being different has value. Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it!

This small and customized hands-on session is designed to help attendees find, understand and learn the value their true authenticity brings to businesses. 



Work, Family & Entrepreneurship

Hands on steps to managing your personal and professional worlds. 

Our personal and professional lives are constantly colliding which can make balancing the two difficult. And everyone's idea of "balance" is different.  

During this workshop, Amber will lead the group through a strategy session where each participant will identify, define and lay out a path to managing their personal and professional worlds.